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Green Card Renewal Service

For those who need to renew their 2 year or 10 year green card.

U.S. Citizenship Service

For those who want to apply for naturalization.

Family Green Card Service

For those who want to sponsor a family member for a green card.

Employment Authorization Service

For those who need proof they are authorized to work in the U.S

Replace Your Certificate of Citizenship Service

For those who need to replace naturalization/citizenship document

Immigration Lawyer Consultation

Have immigration questions? Talk to an immigration attorney.

Helping immigrants reach their immigration goals. We’re more than just a digital law firm, we care about your case. A true immigration partner by your side.

“I tried to hire an attorney but the fee’s were just so expensive. I tried to do it on my own but it was just so confusing I decided to try American First. I made a couple of mistakes on my application and they got it right for me. They made my life easier! I’m sure everything is correct on my application which is the most important thing for me.”

Green Card Renewal
Application Package

“When I spoke with you guys, I felt confident that you guys could help me. I was able to call and talk to you guys and you were able to walk me thorugh the process step by step. I’m very happy with your service and to have found you guys”

Green Card Renewal
Application Package

See How MyImmigration Works

Answer simple questions online

We take the hassle out of getting government forms by turning them into simple questions you can answer online at your convenience. We check the accuracy with multiple internal checks before you’re done.

Attorney Review & Consultation

An experienced immigration attorney will review your application for completeness and accuracy, sufficiency of supporting documents, and overall eligibility ensuring you peace of mind throughout the process. You will also have the option to talk with your immigration attorney via a phone consultation or receive your review via email. By using our immigration technology, we give you access to high rated lawyer support at affordable prices.

Affordable government fee payment plan

We offer flexible payment plans that allow you to start your application process now and pay your USCIS filing fees with affordable monthly payments. Ask one of our customer service representatives if you’re interested in monthly payments for your USCIS government fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyImmigration a legitimate law office?

Absolutely! MyImmigration has helped hundreds of clients complete their immigration application process successfully. Rest assured, MyImmigration is a legitimate legal practice helping immigrants navigate the immigration process quickly and easily. We understand the immigration process is constantly changing and can be confusing, we’re here to  help clients reach their immigration goal at an affordable price.

What happens after I consult with the attorney?

Once the attorney concludes the review of your immigration case and consultation, we’ll mail you two copies of your completed application documents ready for your signature. One copy to keep for your records, another to mail to the USCIS for filing. We provide a postage paid envelope you can send to the USCIS. 

How much does this process cost?

The cost depends on the type of immigration service you need. You can view some of our services and associated costs here. Keep in mind any applicable USCIS government fees required to process your application are not included in this price and must be paid separately to the government. Don’t worry, if this fee is applicable to you we provide this information in your application package.

When do I consult with my independent attorney assigned to my case?

Once you complete our online questionnaire and your application is complete, you will have the option to schedule a phone consultation with the attorney or opt to receive the results of the attorney review via email.

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