About Us

MyImmigration was founded by James L. Robertson, a Utah Immigration Attorney who spent twelve years in USCIS handling and supervising immigration applications, and FileRight, a technology company that has helped hundreds of thousands of people prepare and file their immigration applications, and succeed in gaining citizenship.

Founded under the Utah Office of Legal Services Innovation sandbox, MyImmigration combines FileRight’s innovative technology with James Robertson’s experience to create a new, innovative Digital Law Firm.

Our goal is to deliver quality, affordable immigration law services to customers through the use of technology. We believe that immigration paperwork is time-consuming, stressful and expensive, and MyImmigration was founded to make the citizenship process simple, quick and affordable.

Our technology eliminates the expensive, time-consuming clerical work that immigration lawyers have to do, and lets them focus on the part that matters most: the success of your citizenship application.


James L “JJ” Robertson

Attorney at Law: President

James L "JJ" Robertson

James Robertson is a licensed attorney in Utah and is well-qualified to help others obtain their deserved immigration benefits. He attended the University of Tulsa College of Law where he discovered his passion for immigration. After law school, he launched his career with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as an Immigration Services Officer where he reviewed and made decisions on hundreds of immigration applications and petitions. After a few years, he was promoted to Supervisory Immigration Services Officer where he oversaw, advised, and trained immigration officers to review and make decisions on thousands of immigration applications and petitions. He started My Immigration in January 2022 and stands ready to review your immigration application and advise you of your immigration matters.

Hari Selvarajan

Chief Technology Officer

Hari Selvarajan

Hari Selvarajan got his first computer at age 10. It was tinkering with this machine (bought with Hari's own money) that fostered in him something he could never shake: a fascination with technology. In 1998, a time when the Internet was still beyond the reach of most people in India, Hari began his career as an administrator of an India-based Internet Service Provider (ISP). He's since written network management software applications for telecoms and ISPs and created business intelligence applications for Palm OS. Hari brings to MyImmigration more than 20 years of professional technology industry experience.

Kishore Ramu

Director of Engineering

Kishore Ramu

Kishore is the Director of Engineering at MyImmigration.com who enjoys learning new languages, exploring cutting-edge concepts and technologies, and utilizing every opportunity for growth. He’s an energetic and passionate team member who prides himself in being a team player who helps everyone.

Noemi Solorzano

Customer Service Manager

Noemi Solorzano

Noemi leads our in-house customer satisfaction team. With over a decade operating in various customer service roles, she holds a great understanding of the needs of our immigrant clientele. Noemi is always willing to help our customers better understand the immigration process in English or Spanish.