Limited Scope Representation Agreement

THIS LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made between You (“You” or “Your”) and MyImmigration, LLC (“MyImmigration”). This Agreement governs the scope and duration of MyImmigration’s agreement to provide You the Legal Services defined below. You and MyImmigration agree that MyImmigration is not engaged to represent You generally or in Your immigration case. Rather, MyImmigration’s representation of You is limited to the Legal Services defined below, and nothing more, unless You and MyImmigration otherwise agree in a writing acknowledged by both parties.


MyImmigration must act in Your best interest in providing the Legal Services defined in this Agreement in a competent manner. However, because You and MyImmigration have agreed that MyImmigration will provide You only limited legal help:


  • MyImmigration does not have to give more help than described in this Agreement, and
  • MyImmigration does not have to help You with any other part of Your case or legal matter.


While performing the Services defined in this Agreement:


  • MyImmigration does not promise any particular outcome of Your case;
  • MyImmigration will rely entirely on Your description of the facts of Your case and will not make any independent investigation; and
  • MyImmigration may advise You, based on the legal judgment of an immigration lawyer employed by MyImmigration to provide You the Legal Services defined in this Agreement, that a limited scope representation is not reasonable in Your case and may advise that You need Additional Services or the services of another lawyer.

1. Legal Services to be Provided

The services to be provided to You by MyImmigration, except as agreed between You and MyImmigration in a writing acknowledged by both parties, consist of the following, and no more:


  • An immigration lawyer employed by MyImmigration will conduct an 8-point review of Your application, as prepared by You using MyImmigration’s software:
    1. Review for omissions of key information or documents.
    2. Examine for typographical errors that might delay processing.
    3. Confirm consistent spellings of names and places throughout the application.
    4. Check for inconsistent, illogical or conflicting dates.
    5. Review for obvious illogical entries.
    6. Search for entries that conflict with each other.
    7. Analyze application to confirm eligibility to file for the immigration benefit sought, based on the answers, information and documents You provided.
    8. Verify that the supporting documents you have provided confirm the information supplied by You.
  • Written comments and recommendations on your application sent to You via email from the immigration lawyer when the 8-point review is complete.
  • An optional single (1) telephone consultation with an immigration lawyer of up to fifteen (15) minutes to discuss the written comments, recommendations, and Your application to be scheduled at the parties’ mutual convenience or during U.S. Mountain Time business hours.
  • A completed application package will be sent to your address with a prepaid addressed envelope to be mailed to the appropriate USCIS address.

2. Legal Services Provided do NOT include:

  • Review of revised applications after the immigration attorney has reviewed your initial application, unless MyImmigration, in its sole discretion, agrees to provide “additional legal services” as defined below.
  • Telephone calls beyond one consultation of up to 15 minutes, unless the immigration attorney who reviews your application believes a longer consultation is necessary to adequately advise you on your application.
  • Communications with third parties on your behalf except to the extent the immigration attorney who reviews your application believes such communications are necessary to adequately review and advise you on your application.
  • Independent investigation of the accuracy of facts or authenticity of documents related to your application, except to the extent the immigration attorney who reviews your application believes such is necessary to comply with their ethical responsibilities.
  • Representation before or communications with, the USCIS, any government agency, or in any legal proceeding.
  • Legal representation, advice, or consultation on any matter not included within the definition of Legal Services, above.

3. Fee and Payment

You agree that the fee for the Legal Services posted on the website constitutes your payment for the Legal Services defined above (“Legal Fees”) and includes, access to, and use of, the website and application preparation software and interface. The fee will remain in a Utah client trust account until earned or expenses incurred. You agree that the full legal fee is earned after Your case is reviewed and the results of the review are communicated to You. If You and MyImmigration agree that MyImmigration will provide Additional Services, as defined below, You and MyImmigration will make a separate arrangement, in writing acknowledged by both parties, for payment for such Additional Legal Services. However, in the event that MyImmigration requests additional information or documentation after the initial review and communication to you, MyImmigration may, in its sole discretion, provide additional review and consultation about Your case without additional legal fees. In such an event, You agree the full legal fee is still earned after the initial review and initial lawyer communication to You about Your case.


If, 30 days after Your payment for the Legal Services has been received and You have not completed Your application, provided the supporting documents, or have not adequately been responding to any communications from MyImmigration, MyImmigration may do one of the following, at their discretion: 


  1. Withdraw representation, close out your application, and give You a full refund,
  2. Provide You with written comments of the results of the lawyer review of Your case and collect the legal fee in full, or
  3. Allow You additional time, at MyImmigration’s discretion, to fulfill Your obligation.


Also, if You do not elect to have the optional phone consultation or You do not appear for your optional phone consultation during your scheduled time, MyImmigration may, at its discretion, provide you written comments of the results of the lawyer review of Your case and collect the legal fee in full. You may contact MyImmigration to schedule or reschedule the optional phone consultation up to 30 days after MyImmigration sent You the written results of the lawyer review.

According to the Terms of Use agreement on, a full refund will be issued if you make the refund request before legal fees are earned. See the Terms of Use agreement for additional details about the refund policy. 

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our Services.  If you are less than satisfied or believe there has been an error in billing, please contact our Customer Service Department at (385) 955-4711 or click here to request a refund.

4. Additional Legal Services

You may request, and MyImmigration may agree. in its sole discretion, to provide additional immigration-related legal services (“Additional Legal Services”) for an additional fee to You beyond the Legal Services defined above, including but not limited to, additional file review, legal research, and additional legal consultations, to be defined and agreed to in a writing with an additional engagement letter acknowledged by both You and MyImmigration.

5. Non-lawyer Ownership of MyImmigration

This law firm is owned by one or more non-lawyers. One or more people who own this company are not lawyers. This means that some services/protections, like the attorney-client privilege, may be different from those you can get at another law firm. If you have questions, please contact us at (385) 955-4711.


MyImmigration is a law office regulated by the Office of Legal Services Innovation, an office of the Utah Supreme Court, which allows for non-lawyer ownership.

6. Your Obligations

You retain control over all aspects of Your immigration matter and You remain responsible for all decisions made in the course of Your immigration matter. You agree to (a) timely provide truthful and complete information when completing your application using the MyImmigration website; (b) timely respond to and provide truthful and complete information to MyImmigration; (c) carefully consider MyImmigration’s advice before making any major decisions in Your immigration matter; and (d) advise MyImmigration of any new developments or new or changed information related to Your application or immigration matter of which You learn during the course of this Agreement and prior to the Termination of Legal Services, as defined below.

7. Termination of Legal Services

Unless You and MyImmigration otherwise agree in writing, this Agreement, and MyImmigration’s representation of You, shall automatically be fulfilled and completed once the results of the lawyer review of your application are communicated to You whether by mail, email, phone, text, video conference, or any other means of communication. You may terminate this Agreement for any or no reason at any time, although You will remain legally obligated to pay MyImmigration any earned Legal Fees. For the avoidance of doubt, without limiting the preceding sentence, MyImmigration’s provision of: (i) the 8-point review of Your application; (ii) the optional telephone consultation; or (iii) the document outlining common errors for Your application, as outlined under Section 1, shall each individually constitute a part of the Legal Services. MyImmigration may terminate this Agreement if, in MyImmigration’s sole judgment, You have failed to fulfill one or more of Your material obligations under this Agreement, for other good cause, or any reason authorized or required by law, rule or regulation, including professional rules that govern the conduct of MyImmigration.

8 Confidentiality of Information

The information you provide to MyImmigration will be held confidential in accordance with the attorney-client privilege as outlined in section 1.6 of the Utah Rules of Professional Responsibility. 


In addition to MyImmigration attorneys, nonlawyer MyImmigration staff, and lawyer and nonlawyer independent contractors of MyImmigration, Your information may also be accessed by owners, executives, employees, and independent contractors of the parent company, MyImmigation affiliates, and the parent company’s affiliates for the purpose of providing the defined legal services, preparing your application and supporting documents for lawyer review, assisting you with any questions or concerns, and improving and maintaining all technology utilized to provide you the defined legal services. 


Your contact information may also be accessed by any of the above mentioned parties for marketing purposes in accordance to MyImmigration’s Privacy Policy. 


9. Your Informed Consent

By entering into this Agreement, You confirm that You have read this entire Limited Scope Representation Agreement and understand all of its terms, and that You understand and accept the limitations on the scope of MyImmigration’s Legal Services provided herein, and Your obligations identified above. Unless You and MyImmigration otherwise agree in a writing acknowledged by both parties, MyImmigration is not Your law firm and the immigration lawyer employed by MyImmigration to review your application is not your lawyer and they have no obligation to provide You any more assistance than the Legal Services defined above.